Workshop: Systemic Energetic Constellation 11/6/22

Workshop: Systemic Energetic Constellation 11/6/22

Break your generational, dysfunction, & trauma patterns

Are you working through breaking patterns? Whether that be from trauma, family, generational dysfunction?

Join us for a truly TRANSFORMATIONAL Systemic Constellation. This one day workshop is facilitated by Sabine O’laughlin, certified family constellation facilitator. This work is then integrated with a sound healing session by Diana of Soundbath Jax, certified sound healing facilitator.

Sunday, November 6, 2022
**Lunch Provided**
Vegan and GF/DF Options Available

The SOMA Collective, 469 Atlantic Blvd #6
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233, USA

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What is Systemic / Family Constellation?

Family Constellation is a systemic look at what is and/or what is driving our behaviors and how we can understand and free ourselves from unseen influences that seem to keep us stuck in the same pattern over and over again. Despite the fact that our logic tells us differently.

We all have two parents -whether we know them, like them, have disowned them, and/or are close to them. This is the beginning set up for our family system. How we are in our families is how we are also in other groups. Work, religious groups, political groups, friends are all affected by how we are in our own families.

In family constellation work, no “knowledge” is needed. The work utilizes a “client” and “representatives” who stand in for other people, ideas, countries, diseases. In that sense, everybody gets to work – either in the center or within the circle.

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