Cactus Guidance


Types of Sessions We Offer

All sessions are by Zoom. In-person sessions upon request.

Session Type
Fee Structure
Individual Session, Program Members (50 minutes)
Individual Session, Non-Program Members (50 minutes)
Self-Paced Virtual Program (12 modules)
Virtual Hybrid Program with weekly group call and 1 individual session (12 weeks)
Cactus Guidance Life Management Services

What kinds of issues will we work with?

Recurrent Themes

Recurrent themes that people come to me for have been:
  • Relationships ( spouses, parents, children)
  • Adoption and it’s special considerations
  • Work, Professions
  • Work Life balance
  • Health versus Disease
  • Death
  • Immigration
  • Abortion
  • Weight issues
  • Money

What can I expect at Cactus Guidance?

Our Approach

At Cactus Guidance, I take a holistic/spiritual body-oriented approach to all life issues – often, if not most of the time, what we see on the surface is not what drives the presenting issue. However, something fuels its very persistent existence. This is why a holistic, inclusive approach can lead to actual resolution of issues and not just a “quick fix” that will resurface when life happens and something throws you off.


If you want lasting changes and more aliveness, oftentimes different approaches are needed that do include different modalities. There are no “cookie cutter” sessions! Every session is uniquely tailored to you. What it DOES require is active participation. This is a joint journey in which I am a guide, spiritual companion, and friend who has some tools for the trip. There will be cacti on the way. It is for you to discover what they are and how to tap into their hidden energy on the path of your own liberation!

Cactus Guidance Life Management and Coaching Baby Cactus
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