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Sabine has been a practicing pathologist in private practice for over 30 years. She was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany and immigrated to the USA at the age of 25. Finding herself confronted with the history of her country of origin as she was making New York her new home, her interest in systems, fields and patterns were awakened. This exploration led her from hard core science to energy medicine. She received her M.D./Ph.D. from the University of Hamburg/GE and London/UK and her Pathology Degree from Yale University and Mayo Clinic. She is a graduate of the Classical Acupuncture Institute in Jacksonville FL (5 Element), a Senior Family Constellation Facilitator who trained with Bert Hellinger, Jamy and Peter Faust, Judy Wilkins-Smith and Mark Wolynn as well as a certified Bioenergetic Therapist (Florida Society of Bioenergetic Analysis FSBA). She was ordained as a teacher of the Diamond Approach in 2017 and teaches individuals and groups.

From Pathology to Energy Medicine

Pathologist Sabine Olaughlin, Cactus Guidance

Born and raised in Hamburg Germany, the study of Medicine attracted me for its need to examine systematically, systemically and logically what might be “the problem” and to come up with a “diagnosis” that would solve it. You can’t change what you cannot identify – at least that has been the stance of Modern Medicine. Through the death of my mother when I was 22, leaving the country and starting a life in a new place as a mother of two and full time professional, the picture became less black and white and a lot more possibilities emerged - how to take the next step? Little did I know about “body armoring”, how energy patterns are held in the physical body and why that is important and how all that affects every decision you make. Nobody taught that in Medical School.

Licensed Acupuncturist Sabine Olaughlin, Cactus Guidance

One day at the hospital, a talk on “acupuncture” was offered to the Medical staff – a new wave of Alternative/Complementary Medicine emerged. “That does not work – that’s not REAL Medicine” I thought and attended with the intent that is complete nonsense – I had an interestingly strong conviction about something I actually knew nothing about. I scheduled a session to prove my point. I certainly was wrong – I did not understand what was happening but something WAS happening. Applying scientific principles, I repeated the “experiment” and scheduled a few more sessions and definitely felt the impact and the curiosity replaced the conviction and I studied acupuncture, initially still looking for the “loophole in the system” until that seemed irrelevant. Something was changing and I could both tell and at the same time not really understand exactly what was going on. I wondered what else was possible.

Energy Medicine Specialist Sabine Olaughlin, Cactus Guidance
Energy Medicine, Family/Systemic Constellation, Bioenergetics and the Diamond Approach

My search for Life and what is possible has been a driving force and led me to study many health and wellness related approaches. I had become aware that I had spent a lot of time in a “Disease Care System” rather than “Health Care System”. Everybody seemed to focus on “the problem” and then tried to fix and eliminate it. Few seemed to be interested in why it was there and what it might represent and what was potentially behind it. Taking out “the problems” with yet another pill or procedure does not work! It never has! I am not saying that using Medications, Surgery or addressing problems is not useful. I am saying if that is ALL we do, we are simply covering up what is really at the core. I am providing a comprehensive approach to life’s issues that I capture in “THE CACTUS”. It is those issues that make us pay attention, which is a necessary first step. However, that is never the end and will usually not lead to lasting change or results.

Licenses and Certifications


Doctor of Medicine (University of Hamburg), Germany; Doctor of Medicine (Yale University), US

Board Certified Pathologist

American Board of Pathology AP/CP

Certified Bioenergetic Psychotherapist

Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Ordained Spiritual Teacher

Ridhwan Foundation

Senior Family And Systemic Constellation Facilitator

LicAP – Licensed Acupuncturist

5 Element

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