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In the end it’s not the years in your life that count - it’s the life in your years`` -Abraham Lincoln

Why Cactus Guidance and what’s with the Cactus?

Have you ever been dished the UNIVERSAL CACTUS 🌵 with instructions on how to sit on it? Have you even noticed your own cactus in your back? The cactus symbolizes our obstacles with its prickly outside that can be stuck inside of us, but when you take a good look at a cactus, it has beautiful juice locked up inside. That is what we are trying to liberate – the life force you want to be able to tap into. The gold lies inside the cactus!


Cactus Guidance aims to help you find your own life force, “extracting your cactus,” utilizing many modalities, including soul-oriented inquiry, body-oriented bioenergetics, family constellation guidance, resilience training, and more. The goal is to liberate locked up energy, often resulting in finally being able to address and resolve life issues, like these common “energy thieves” below, for good.


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